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  • Bounce House Games

    Here's some ideas that will keep your children entertained in a bounce house moonwalk for hours! If you have any other ideas for games, send us an email, and we'll add it here!

    Bounce like a...

    Tell the children that every time you count 1-2-3 then yell out an animal, they have to jump like that animal. Try frog, kangaroo, rabbit, then see what happens when you call out lizard, bird, elephant, fish and snail!

    The Giggle Game

    Have one child lie down in one corner of the moon walk, then have the next child lay down at right angles to the first child with his/her head on the first child's stomach. Have a third child lay down with his/her head on the second child's stomach. Keep on until everyone is lying down. Then have the first child say "HA". This will cause the second child to start laughing then the third, and so on.

    Balloon Fun

    Grab some balloons and toss them in the moonwalk with the children. They can bounce with them and toss them in the air.

    Tag Team Bounce Races

    Have the children take turns with this one. Line up 4 children on each side of the moon walk. Make sure there is ample room between each child so they don't bump into each other. When you say "GO" they bounce their way to the other side and "tag" their partner. Their partner then bounces back to the other side.

    Red Light/Green Light

    When you yell "green light", everyone bounces. When you yell "red light" everyone freezes. Last one to freeze, has to get out. Yell "green light" and everyone else starts bouncing again. Last one in the bounce house wins! You can "up the ante" for this game by offering a prize for each winner. (the prize idea was given by a mom who had a difficult time getting the children to play this game, because they didn't want to get out of the bouncer)

    Red Light/Green Light (variation)

    Shout "Red Light" and everyone has to freeze. Shout "Green Light" and everybody can jump again. While everyone is in "Red Light" mode, give them instructions to follow when you yell "Green Light". Things to do:

    • Pretend to fly like a bird
    • Hop like a kangaroo
    • Hop on all fours like a rabbit
    • Hop on one leg like a flamingo
    • Roll around on the floor
    • Bounce on your behind then back to your feet
    • Bounce on your knees then back to your feet
    • Pretend you are popcorn, bouncing around until you POP

    Flag Tag

    Get a roll of streamers and tear 1 foot lengths off of it. Tuck one end of each streamer into each child's waistband then turn them loose! The goal is to collect as many other children's streamers while protecting your own. When your streamer is pulled, you have to get out  (or sit down). The winner is the last child still wearing a streamer!

    Number Switch

    Have the children number off. Make sure they remember their numbers! Then, have them scramble and sit in a (big) circle. Have the birthday child stand in the middle of the circle. The birthday child then calls out 2 numbers. The children with those two numbers have to get up and trade spots while the birthday child tries to beat them to one of the spots. The person left standing calls out 2 more numbers and tries to beat those children to a seat.

    Crab Kick

    Have each child lean back and lower themselves until they are on all fours -- arms back, hands on the ground. Toss in a couple of balloons for them to kick around. See if anyone can get their balloon to hit the ceiling!

    Harder variation: anyone whose bottom touches the floor or falls is out!

    Simon Says (Kid's Sequence Game)

    Have one kid do a move, such as bouncing on his/her bottom, then standing up again. Then everyone repeats the move. The next kid does the first kid's move, then adds one of his own, like bouncing on one leg three times. Everyone must then do the two moves together. The third kid does the first two moves, then adds one of her own. Everyone must do all three moves now. Anyone who forges the order of the moves has to sit down. Last one to do all the moves correctly wins! Make sure the moves are safe! No flips or aerial somersaults.

    Post and Starboard

    This is a memory and action game.
    On the command (from the list below) the children have to do the appropriate action. After a while, start removing the last player to comply, until only one remains.

    • Port (Run to one side of the moonwalk)
    • Starboard (Run to the other side)
    • Captains Coming Aboard (Stand to attention and Salute)
    • Submarines (Lie on the floor)
    • Hoist the Mainsail (Run on the spot - like climbing the rigging)
    • Mess Deck (Sit cross-legged on the floor - ready for lunch)
    • Sharks Ahoy (jump, jump, jump - try to stay off the floor)
    • Up Periscope (Stand up straight and hold hands to eyes as though looking through binoculars)

    Quality Inflatable Play Structures Serving Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs and the St. Cloud area

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